Hymn of Good News

O love of God, for us His own –Hymn

Born of His splendor, ne’er to end.

Such wondrous love can ne’er be known,

Tis far too great to comprehend.

Amidst all God-made galaxies,

God calls us His own masterpiece;

Such boundless love shall never cease

Nor can it waver or decrease.


O sin of man, such subtlety

            With which our rebel’s heart is shown –

Upon my heart’s throne I crown me;

            I leave God’s path and choose my own.

The sinner God fore’er adores,

            But holy God, our sin abhors.

From God our sin now separates,

            And so eternal death awaits.


O cross of Christ, such scand’lous death,

            His blood was shed to purchase me;

When God in flesh took His last breath,

            His death atoned sin’s penalty.

Upon that cross He bore my sin

            When all God’s wrath bore down on Him,

That in exchange I bear God’s best –

            His own resplendent righteousness!


O heart of man, in Christ alone

            Place all your trust forevermore,

Come to the cross, make Christ your own –

            Find what you’ve been created for.

You have a Savior to believe,

            A free salvation to receive –

Swing wide the door, accept God’s grace,

            Make your own heart His dwelling place.


O life in Christ, such glorious gain,

            Such an inheritance divine;

Because the Lamb of God was slain,

All of God’s promises are mine –

A child of God, forgiven sin,

            Eternal life, God’s power within,

A confidence God’s in control,

            Knowing the One who loves my soul!

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