Praise for Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself


Open this book and open your life up to tangible, creative ways of introducing others to the good news of Jesus Christ.  Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself sets us in motion on this thrilling adventure.  Imaginative.  Practical.  Accessible.  Ken Wilson writes with such authenticity and clarity that he inspires all of us to get real with others about our faith.  I strongly urge you (and your small group) to dive into each section of this vital resource.  It will refresh your heart, renew your life, and transform the world around you.

Garry Poole
Strategic planner, trainer, and author of Seeker Small Groups

 Ken Wilson has created a wonderful study guide and workbook to help the average person come to terms with the Good News about Jesus and help them to pass that Good News along to a very needy world.

John Guest
Evangelist, author, and pastor

 Rarely does a book on evangelism speak so clearly to our commonly held self-centered concerns.  Dispelling every argument, Ken Wilson’s book fills our hearts with a resounding truth: By God’s grace and love, we can and we must share the Good News.

Donna Best
Author of Weatherproof Your Home…Against the Storms of Life

 What a helpful tool this book is in the hands of “ordinary people.”  So often we feel the task of sharing our faith or helping a new believer is beyond our ability so we don’t take initiative.  This book will help everyone take the initiative and lead more of our friends to Christ and help them establish a steady walk with Christ, to know Him and to make Him known…

Sam Hershey
The Navigators, Church Discipleship Ministry, Director Team

 Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself is a must read for people sitting on the edge, wondering how they can approach their friends with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Ken Wilson is one of the best I have ever known going the extra mile to lead friends into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Ken brings real-life experiences into the book to help you learn the What, Why, Who, How, and When of personal evangelism.  This book will help you overcome the obstacles you feel with friends in telling them about Jesus Christ.

N. Scott Grinder
President, Christian Sports International

 I’ve had the privilege of seeing Ken Wilson practice what he preaches as we traveled together in Russia.  What he writes in this book is absolutely how he lives his life!  I don’t know anyone who has a greater heart for people to experience Christ in their lives than Ken.

George Steiner
Founder and President, Orphan’s Tree
Founder, Children’s HopeChest

 This book is fresh, it is practical, and it breaks down barriers all of us feel surrounding personal evangelism.  Laced with stories of how it can work, readers and those who use the book in groups are going to be gently provoked to step out and be used by God to bring the joyous message of the gospel to their friends.

Mark Bolton
Senior Pastor, New Community Church, Wexford, PA

 Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself is a very practical book bearing the unmistakable mark of being written by a practitioner.  Ken Wilson pulls down the obstacles which keep believers from sharing their faith, and gives practical guidance to those who want to help others find Christ.  The group guide is invaluable!

Steve Cordle
Founding and Lead Pastor, Crossroads UM Church, Oakdale, PA

Ken Wilson is one of the most winsome witnesses to Jesus that I know.  For several years, Ken has visited my college class on Evangelism and shared the opportunities he has had to bring people to Christ and the lessons he has learned.  This book summarizes the things Ken has learned and desires to help others to learn about being a winsome witness.  I am happy to recommend it.

Dean R. Smith
Bible Professor Emeritus, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA