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Nana and Gramps

My grandparents died several years ago, but they lived to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.Nana and Gramps

Gramps was never a CEO nor amassed a great fortune.  Nana quietly raised two children and then took care of Gramps during her remaining years.  They owned an average house, drove average cars, and lived an average lifestyle.

But they can lay claim to something that is not very average and not very common.  They forged a lifelong commitment that took them from the Great Depression to NASDAQ, from swing music to hip-hop, from jalopies to minivans.

They did something that is worth more than all the big houses and fancy cars that money can buy, of greater value than any bank account that can be left behind, and more significant than any job title or career accomplishment.

They gave the world two wonderful children, they loved each other well, and they grew old together.

That is a legacy worth seeking!

Sex and God

Did you ever stop and consider how much faith it takes to believe that there is no God?  If there is no God, then all that we are, all that we have, and all that exists is purely random and coincidental.

We could take any number of realities in the universe – the intricacies of the atom, the grandeur of the galaxies, or the required combination of physical realities that enable life.  But let’s take a quick look at sex.  (How’s that for an attention-grabber?!)SexandGodtextbox2

Three very basic realities exist that enable propagation of the human race:

  1. All humans are born either female or male, and their physical bodies just happen to be perfectly complementary for merging with one another.
  2. Humans just happen to have a built-in urge to merge.  (And this merger has the potential for both delight and damage, for both pleasure and pain.  It is among the most powerful forces in the world, both for good and for bad.)
  3. This human merger just happens to be the means by which the life of a new human is started.

A statistics expert would tell us that the likelihood of any one of these three realities occurring by mere chance is miniscule.  However, the likelihood of all three of them occurring together by mere coincidence is exponentially miniscule.

Did these three realities really occur by chance, by mere coincidence?  Or do they intrinsically point to a Creator, to a Designer of all that is?

Who really has blind faith – the one who points to a Creator behind these wonderful realities or the one who says that it all came into being by pure randomness?

I must commend the faith of all my friends out there who say there is no God.  I love you, and I respect you.  I must say, however, that I don’t believe I have more faith than you.  In reality, to believe such a thing requires a far greater leap of faith than I could ever muster up.