Loved More Than You Know






Loved More Than You Know was written shortly before I became a new grandfather, and the content emerged from the question: “If I were not here, what would I want to make sure my grandchildren know?” This short story was written as a poem, with delightful illustrations provided by a wonderful artist from Colorado named Courtney Smith.

The story tells of Susie and her miserable day. Her mother and father comfort her by holding her close and explaining to her about the God who loves her, who died for her, and who can live within her. Susie is introduced to the good news that we can know God personally. When another miserable day comes along, Susie has a new outlook and a new hope.

Through this book, your children can gain a greater understanding of how much God loves us, grasp the truth that we can know God personally and have Him in our lives, and learn that we can handle anything since God is always with us.

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Where No One Has Heard






“J. Christy Wilson will go down in history as one of the great and courageous missionaries for the gospel in the twentieth century.”  —Billy Graham

Who was J. Christy Wilson Jr.? Many have never heard his name, but Christy Wilson’s life had a ripple effect in modern missions. Read the first full biography of the humble, adventurous man of prayer who helped launch the Urbana missions conference, pioneered ministry in Afghanistan when others thought it impossible, mobilized hundreds of students toward world evangelization, and reintroduced the biblical idea of leveraging one’s profession for the kingdom with the term “tentmaking.” Riveting, uplifting, and frequently amusing, Where No One Has Heard will challenge you to reconsider what is possible when we dare to yield to Christ and his purposes in the world.

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Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself







Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself is all about personal evangelism, about bringing our friends to Christ in a way that is safe and winsome and respectful. It covers the what, why, who, how, where, and when of personal evangelism, and it offers some suggested ways to overcome twelve common obstacles to sharing our faith. This interactive guidebook will equip you with the message, skills, and passion to bring your friends to Christ – and keep them as friends. Included are three sample gospel presentations, as well as chapters that describe:

  • Living out an ambassador’s commission
  • Interacting with other people as Jesus did
  • Becoming a fisher of people
  • Serving as a witness for Christ
  • Connecting with the power source of the Holy Spirit

This book is a great tool for both individuals and small groups.

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Finding God in the Bible

9780802414427Have you ever wanted to share the Good News with a friend but couldn’t find the right words? More than a tract but not quite a full-length book, Finding God in the Bible is a short Bible study that explains the plan of salvation and invites people to a personal relationship with Jesus. Let them discover for themselves what God says in His Word, through the gentle guidance provided in this simple evangelism tool.

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