Nana and Gramps

My grandparents died several years ago, but they lived to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.Nana and Gramps

Gramps was never a CEO nor amassed a great fortune.  Nana quietly raised two children and then took care of Gramps during her remaining years.  They owned an average house, drove average cars, and lived an average lifestyle.

But they can lay claim to something that is not very average and not very common.  They forged a lifelong commitment that took them from the Great Depression to NASDAQ, from swing music to hip-hop, from jalopies to minivans.

They did something that is worth more than all the big houses and fancy cars that money can buy, of greater value than any bank account that can be left behind, and more significant than any job title or career accomplishment.

They gave the world two wonderful children, they loved each other well, and they grew old together.

That is a legacy worth seeking!

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