Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself

I’m a recovering evangelism coward.Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself

When I began my Christian walk about 40 years ago, the thought of evangelizing people was both terrifying and repulsive.  But God has transformed that fear into a passion and joy, and today I feel compelled to bring my friends to Christ (much like my lungs feel compelled to suck in oxygen).

However, there’s a great tension that I’ve felt – and maybe you’ve felt it as well.

On the one hand, we’ve come to know God personally, He’s died on the cross to purchase our salvation, and He gives us hope and purpose and meaning for this life, not to mention the assurance of eternal life with Him.  This Good News is truly too amazing to keep to ourselves!

However, on the other hand, we like our friends and we don’t want to alienate them or beat them over the head or offend them or feel rejected by them.  We want to honor and respect and keep our friends and treat them like we’d want to be treated.

My new book – Too Amazing to Keep to Yourself – was just published and released last month.  It addresses this tension straight on.  It is written to help people learn how to share their faith in a way that fits the unique way God has crafted and gifted them, in a way that is safe and non-threatening.  It presents the what, why, who, how, where, and when of personal evangelism.

Here’s some of what you’ll find:

  • A study guide at the end of each chapter provides questions and Bible references for small groups or for personal study.
  • One of twelve common obstacles to sharing our faith is featured with each chapter, along with practical suggestions for overcoming each obstacle.
  • Three sample gospel presentations are included to help the reader learn how to share their faith.

I hope you’ll consider checking it out!  (And I’d love to hear your thoughts.)

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