Stuck in Time

TimeA few weeks ago, when I found myself dwelling a little too much in the past and extrapolating a little too much into the future and not living to the hilt right where I was in the present, these words flowed onto paper:


Stuck in Time


We’re stuck in time – we can’t go back and recreate our past;

We must find peace abiding in the shadows it has cast.

Its sorrows may have slowly crept, its joys sped by too fast,

But what has been has forged within sweet memories that last.


We’re stuck in time – we can’t advance to any future date.

What dreams will be reality?  What fears will become fate?

The answers may come early, or to us they may seem late –

What’s yet to be we’ll clearly see, but for it we must wait.


We’re stuck in time – we cannot live except in what’s right now;

To dwell within the past or future, time will not allow.

So with each passing day life brings, I will seek somehow

To give my best with which I’m blessed – until time takes a bow!


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